Putting All Children First

Karl, Christof and Jacob’s Story

Late last year, they were living together with their mum and dad in a flat with no working kitchen. There was no cooker, not even a microwave; no fridge let alone a freezer. They were eating cold food every evening—sandwiches, snacks, cakes and biscuits. They did have a kettle so they were able to have the occasional cuppa soup or noodles but it is not the diet for three growing boys. Their health was suffering along with their school work—the boys were hungry they could not concentrate or sleep.

The boys’ parents had been struggling to provide for them since being re-housed. Their previous landlord had ended their tenancy and the only flat they could afford was one without facilities. They were hoping to save but with a low income, bills and the cost of looking after three young children it was going to be a long time before they could afford a new cooker and fridge.

Following a meeting with a parent support worker at the boys’ school they appealed to the Catholic Children’s Society (Plymouth) for help and within  a couple of weeks a new fridge freezer and cooker was delivered to the family home and they are now enjoying meals together. The boys are happier and healthier and there is a sense of stability once more in their lives.

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