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Raise £300 for the Society and run for free!

Contact  Claire for further details
claire.warren@prcdtr.org.uk or call 07734503363


” /> In return for raising a minimum of £600 in sponsorship, the Society will

  • pay your registration fee for the race
  • cover the cost of two nights accommodation in Rome
  • provide you with a running vest with your name on, for you to wear with pride on the
  • support and encourage you through your marathon journey

To register, please download, print complete and return the following form to St Boniface House, Ashburton TQ13 7JL
Rome Marathon-Application-form

Victorious Runners in Rome 2018

Rome 2018 was completed by Bev Hanson from Cambourne and John Lewellyn and Mark Payne from Poole. In glorious hot sunshine they all enjoyed their runs through the Eternal City. John finished in a charity record of 3:13:24 (previous fastest time was by Scott Parfitt in 2012 3.16.17). On finishing John said, “I did want to be the fastest Rome marathon runner for your wonderful charity and I very happy I managed it” Congratulations John!
For Bev though, the challenge was not over; she went on to complete the London Marathon just two weeks later also in aid of the Society- what an amazing achievement!

Thank you to Bev, John and Mark for their efforts – together they have raised over £1500 for the vulnerable children in our midst and will make a difference to a number of family lives.

Bev Hanson in Rome. Fancy going on to do it all again two weeks later!



Thank you to Rebecca Bradley who raised over £230 for the Society by running the inaugural Dorchester Marathon. Here she is proudly wearing her medal


On Sunday 2 April 2017, in the pouring rain, Linda Cronin of Ilfracombe parish and Michael Quainoo from the parish of Newton Abbot completed the Rome Marathon. They have both struggled with injuries in training and on the day but have soldiered on, determined to finish. ‘The training has not been easy,’ said Michael before the race, ‘but I believe I have still had it easier than the children who have no beds to sleep on, no school uniforms or warm clean clothing when needed.’

Thanks to Michael and Linda’s determination many children and families across the Diocese will now benefit from the funds they have raised. What a rewarding achievement!

Michael and Linda Proudly showing off their beautiful medals

If you, or someone you know, would like to take up this challenge in 2018, please get in touch NOW to book your place. Complete the application form above or you can email claire.warren@prcdtr.org.uk for further information and advice.


Raise £500 for the Society and your dive and instruction will be totally free!

tandemskydive5skydiving 2014 1675theview2a

If running is not your thing, how about doing a skydive? Jumping from 10,000 feet what better where to appreciate the beauty of God’s creation and the world around us!

This is without doubt the best way to experience freefall, skydiving and parachuting. Thirty minutes training covers everything you need to know to successfully complete your Tandem Skydive experience. Then “sit back and enjoy the ride”.

Before the aircraft even starts to taxi you will be securely strapped to the front of a highly experienced BPA (British Parachute Association) qualified Tandem Instructor and after a 20 minute pleasure flight, soaking up the sensational country-side (whilst gently nibbling at your finger nails) it’s playtime. You accelerate to approximately 120mph, falling from a minimum of 10,000 feet. This gives you approximately 45 seconds exploiting gravity and having the time of your life. A five minute parachute ride “almost completes” the experience as your instructor flies you safely back to earth.
Phone 01364 645420 or email claire.warren@prcdtr.org.uk