Putting All Children First

Parenting through the Early Years

Enjoying family life with small children


Seven weekly sessions offering effective parenting support to parents of toddlers, pre-schoolers or children in the first few years of primary school. It is simply written, jargon-free, with a common sense approach.

  • Introductory session
  • Behaviour you don’t like – why small children misbehave and effective responses
  • Encouraging your child – giving positive attention to our children
  • Listening means paying attention – an attitude that shows respect and concern
  • Talking with your child – and not merely giving instructions
  • Discipline – helping children to learn to be disciplined
  • Quality time – making special time to be with our children
  • Children’s spiritual development – an optional session for Christians and those of other faiths.

This programme has been developed by the Family Caring Trust, and uses a video and a text book.