Putting All Children First

Parenting through the Primary Years

New perspectives on living with children


A thought provoking programme for parents of children of all ages, although ideally it is aimed at parents with younger children. It is not designed for families facing very severe behavioural problems.

After an introductory session which considers the parent’s role and what they need to fulfil it, there are¬†eight sessions:

  • What children need – How each child is different and how parents have different ways of handling them.
  • The Feel Good Factor – The emotional needs of children and the important role parents play in supporting them.
  • Are you listening? – Communication with children and the importance of listening to them.
  • Encouraging good behaviour – Helping children to behave by having a positive relationship with them.
  • Behaviour we don’t like – Respectful ways of handling any behaviour that is unacceptable.
  • Safety and Independence – Keeping children safe and helping them to be more independent.

This programme uses material produced by Positive Parenting and the Pyramid Trust, using a handbook, video, games and activities to explore some of the issues parents face.