Putting All Children First

Parenting through the Teen Years – Hormones & Harmony

Making sense of the teenage years


Seven sessions dealing with some of the challenges often met in the teenage years. The course is suitable for those whose children are approaching the teenage years as well as those with teenaged children already. As well as the six basic sessions, the progamme also provides for a session for teenagers to attend.

  • It’s tough being a teenager – looking at teenage behaviour, and ways to boost self esteem.
  • What’s your parenting style? – different ways of being a parent and the need for responsibility, choice and boundaries.
  • Better communication – helping teenagers feel understood by actively listening to them.
  • Managing conflict – negotiation skills to handle difficult situations.
  • Talking about sex – handling our concerns about our youngsters and sex.
  • Finding some solutions – how all the skills and insights fit together.

This programme uses materials developed by the Trust for the Study of Adolescence and Positive Parenting, including a video and a parents workbook.